About Us

We are a business enterprise in Hessen, Germany with a long tradition in the development and production of Tandem Airfoil Flairboats.

Our founder, the German designer, Günther W. Jörg, Dipl.-Ing., was awarded the Philip Morris Research Prize for the Tandem Airfoil Flairboat in 1984 as the winner in the field of “Transport and Traffic”.

In the following decades the technology has undergone continual further development in
cooperation with recognized scientists and institutions.

We at X X X are currently working to set up the production line for Tandem Airfoil Flairboats at our site in Kavala in Greece. Production is planned of Tandem Airfoil Flairboats in various sizes and with various fittings.

The shipyard in Kavala lies directly at the Aegean Sea, so that each boat can be put through comprehensive practical tests as soon as it is finished.

Customers can take their boats for comprehensive trials and test runs and really get to know them well.